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Yoga is normally practiced in a peaceful environment, in an organized class setting. There may be the stereotype that this atmosphere can only be created in such an environment, but this is not the case. If you have a hectic office based job there are still yoga poses and breathing exercises that can be performed whilst at your desk. Other people probably won’t even notice, and can go about their job undisturbed.

Simple stretching and breathing exercises carried out while you are sat in your chair have the benefit of inducing a calmer state of mind, leaving you less stressed and better able to manage your day.

In addition, the stretching helps to rid the body of the stiffness and strains that appear; a working life spent sat in a chair for eight hours a day is no good for anyone. Yoga can help with stiffness linked to poor posture, poor diet from an on the go lifestyle, and stress.

By performing office yoga either before or during your working day you can begin to be more in tune with your body, enabling you to make changes in your posture, diet and stress levels.

There are various poses and positions you can form whilst sat in your chair, including the seated backbend, seated twist, and wrist release. Before you try these out you can warm up by using the suggestions below.

Body Posture

Bad posture is the bane of many an office workers’ life. Try to locate where your body is feeling tense and stiff, for example, head, neck, shoulders, legs, lower back. Sit tall in your chair and relax your breathing.

Simple warm ups of parts of your body can easily be performed at your desk. Neck warm ups can be done by slowly turning your head from side to side and up and down, finishing off my gentle circles right and left.

Shoulder exercises can be as simple as shoulder rolls and shrugs. All these are good examples of the types of simple actions that can loosen those particular areas, but the list is far from exhaustive. Leg, hip and torso warm ups are also easily performed.


The deep breathing exercises that yoga promotes can relief stress but can also ease digestion. Alongside this, there is evidence that regular yoga, including office based, can increase mindfulness and set healthy routines that would promote a healthy diet.

Try closing your eyes when you eat. Eating with your eyes closed helps you concentrate on flavor and let you listen to your body, and your body can then tell you when it is full. Doing this can help regulate the amount and type of food you eat.

Be patient. It takes time to develop the mindfulness around your diet that is required to sustain a healthy food intake. It is suggested that when eating, do nothing else. Try to put your work to one side and concentrate wholly on your food.

The harmonic routine of regular yoga will help you savor the food, whilst also make you increasingly aware of the diet you have. Yoga practiced successfully is a holistic approach, encompassing mind, body, and spirit.

Stress Relief

Yoga practiced anywhere has the effect of slowing your thought processes and breathing, making you more relaxed. Taking a short time out from work to perform yoga can be extremely beneficial in reducing your stress levels.

Like improvement in diet, mindful meditation can reduce stress levels and anxiety, enabling you to manage your day better. Studies have shown that even short breathing exercises can increase abilities to multi task, lower blood pressure and improve concentration.

Performing exercises in your chair alongside regulated breathing can produce a calming effect that sets you up for the challenges of your working life.


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