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Regularly indulging in self-hypnosis improves your life. And, like all things that transform you, there is no one outcome. If your finances improve thanks to self-hypnosis, so will your health. If you enjoy life more because of it, you’ll be more creative.

And so on. In personal development, a rising tide really does lift all boats.

Even if you focus on one area of your life – like friendships – you’ll see multiple benefits manifesting in parallel.

In other words, everything improves.

This happens to the extent where it becomes difficult to track. It’s hard to say that you’re friendlier because you have more energy or because you listen more. It could be both or a hundred other things.

With science, you isolate the variables and test them one at a time. With self-hypnosis, everything improves together.

This is why there’s one personality trait that’s sometimes overlooked. When you develop this – and, when you train your mind hypnotically, it comes with the package – your friendships improve and it’s hard to explain why.

You know that you’ve resolved some issues.

You know that you’re more pleasant to be around.

These things don’t quite explain it. There’s something more to what’s going on than it seems.

Then it hits you – a moment of epiphany. Your friendships enrich because you are more open to experiences.

If you think about what causes friendships, you notice something strange. It seems as though you hang out with people because you like their personality. That’s important – it keeps a relationship alive – but you realise it doesn’t cause it.

After all, there are plenty of people with equally great personalities online. It’s not hard to spend time with anyone these days, no matter where they are in the world. Yet friendships form with the people you surround yourself with. These are people from your school, work, neighbourhood, gym or forums.

Your colleagues, whether online or offline

And what’s the best way to turn colleagues into friends?

Give them a shared experience.

With amazing strangers online, you can become friends… but only if you spend time in the same communities. Few people will be drawn to the beacon of your personality, no matter how good it is. It’s the same with face-to-face – you have to experience something together for the bonds to strengthen.

No matter how compatible you might be, without going through something – whether it’s fun, dramatic, emotional, dangerous or exciting – you won’t become friends.

So the more you experience, the more (and better) friendships you’ll forge.

Self-hypnosis automatically makes you more open to things. The hypnotic state allows you to see opportunities that you’d otherwise miss. It makes you more willing to act on ideas, accept suggestions and create moments you will always treasure.


Source by William T Batten

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