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Growing up you always had your home boys. Your friends usually had more influence over you then your parent(s). As we grew up bonds became tighter and you though you had friends for life. However as you get older you start to understand that friendships by itself are more than likely not worth the time to entertain. The reason for that is because now you have responsibilities like bills, work, maybe children and maybe a wife or girlfriend.

It is hard to squeeze male friendships into a grown man life and most of the times it is not even worth trying. Some of our home boys grow up to be bums and time wasters. Despite the connection you might have sometimes you have to let your friends to not get sucked back down to their level. Here are 5 signs that you need to cut a friendship off

1. Your home boys do not appreciate your time. If they are flaking a lot on plans or not following through with their word you need to let that go. Just because you guys are friends there still must be respect. If they do not value your time you need to drop them

2. Always asking you for stuff. At this point they no longer see you as a friend and now they see you as a support system. Because you all grew up together, you giving them stuff is expected. Get away from this asap.

3. If all you all are over 25 and not getting any money together. This one came from the rapper Styles P. He said if you are not getting any money after 25 with your home boys then drop them. Life is capitalism in this country. Time is too precious not have some sort of plans before 30.

4. They are always getting at your chicks. Drop these scavenger dudes asap. This leads to trouble.

5. They become below your tax bracket. If you have become super successful without the help of your home boys you most likely need to separate yourself from the situation. A lot of hatred and backstabbing happens from this situation. Example: How many football players have their home boy drain their bank accounts? You always want to be surrounded by people BETTER than you so you can strive to their level. You are who you hang with. If someone beneath your status level wants to hang and learn from you then $CHARGE them!


Source by Ramil Amyr

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