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Hellenistic astrology traces back its origins to Egypt and it got the name for the time period when the art was practiced. It was practiced during Alexander the Great’s time period, somewhere in the third century. It continued for three centuries and faded away in the 7th century. Hellenistic astrology had a major influence on all other types of astrology practiced in India, Arabia and Europe.

The Hellenistic astrology is divided into three sub types. The first type is the universal astrology used by experts to predict an event that would affect a country or large groups. For example how Nostradamus predicted events. It can be disasters like earthquakes and floods that would kill several people. It can also be a World War.

The second type of astrology includes a person’s individual astrology based on time and place of birth. The natal chart is studied and based on the personality traits of the person the future is predicted.

The third and last type is the Katarchic this type of astrology is used to know the best time to do some important events in their life. These dates are determined based on their natal charts.

Several concepts of Hellenistic astrology are used in modern astrology including the science of houses. Several aspects of our life correlate to the natal chart and astrologers use a blend of Hellenistic science and astrology to predict events and good days for a person or a country in general this type of astrology was mainly written in Greek and during that time it was a common language.


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