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Good friendship last long if both have some common values to keep their relationship in good harmony. This was apparent through my own experience as a teenager with my best friend.

In my high school days, I have only one close friend, I consider him my best friend forever. We have all in common, from food we eat, games we played, music we sing, etc. Generally, our classmate teased us as twins, although we’ve different physical differences, he was handsome and I was not so attractive. In other words, we act as one in all aspects of what we do.

We only parted ways when we graduated from high school. I continued my college studies and he went to the city to find a job. After a couple of years, I became a teacher and he became a farmer.

6 Common Values for Friendship.

1. Loyalty. We’re both loyal to each other, we see to it not hurt each one of us. We cherished our relationship so much that we were always extra careful not hurt one another. Before we decided to make decisions, we always consult each other the pros and cons of the outcome for our decisions.

2. Trust. We always cultivate a 100% trust level for both of us. Whatever, is the results of what we’ve made, we simply accept each ones opinion wholeheartedly.

3. Honesty. This is the most important value our good friendship lasts for a long time. We’ve always stick to what we believe is right and doesn’t blame one another. We always maintain truthfulness and frankness in our dealing with each other.

4. Respect. No matter what our differences sometimes dominates over our relationship, we always abide to what is more acceptable for both of us. We respect one another in order not to offend each of us.

5. Concern. The feeling of one is the feeling of the other. When I’m not feeling well, he would always be at my side to comfort me. When I’m lonely, depressed and isolated, he’s always there to provide inspiration and guidance what to do. The same is true when he’s experienced the same.

6. Support. To make our relationship more binding, we always support each others in terms of our assignments, projects, and often we helped our classmates who needs our help. Every school related activities we participated in, we always tend to join our efforts to finish the work to create an acceptable result from our teacher.

A good friendship carries these main values based on my own experience with my friend. Following them, made us strong and no external obstacles stained our closeness until he was called to the other side of the world by our creature.


Source by Crisologo Ramasasa

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