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We, as social animals need company of each other to share our happiest, grief-stricken, difficulties and easiest moments. Consequently, it leads to either celebration or empathetic moments in return. Whatsoever way we may think to be independent, we are either directly or indirectly dependent on each other on this planet. Basically, it is a give and take relation that drives us to be dependent on each other. Hence to bring an equilibrium in this relation we need to be empathetic, altruistic and compatible.

There are two ways to defy the above relation – one by denouncing our physical possessions to go on to become a hermit, or by being greedy to possess all physical things that come on our way. Nevertheless, these two exceptions would lead to an hostile atmosphere resulting into a chaotic situations. Thus, such a dependent and jovial atmosphere is the need of the hour; because, this blooms into a harmony that has more value than gold or platinum.

The above friendly relations which include compatibility resulting into a congenial atmosphere could be viewed with a small story. The story revolves around a group of six friends who met in a two year education program in a city in India. They were from different parts of the country, having a considerable exposure towards potpourri of cultures across the length and breadth of the country. Naturally, this portrays their eclectic knowledge about various topics while still being down-to-earth. A common thing that bound them together is weekend parties and spending time together after the supper. Nonetheless, their cultures were different; however they share the common thoughts of being together for their better understanding, non-regionalism and maturity-in-thought.

During the two years of stay, never ever have they involved themselves in a turmoil situation on petty things, and whatsoever may be the issue. They respected each other while trying to be empathetic, sympathetic and friendly to each other. Obviously, such a behavior has developed a congenial system among them portraying their compatibility for each other. Moreover, the exciting thing among them that bound them sturdy is their exciting bike trips they have had during the two year stay. These trips have been exciting and have been drawn as successful ones by their peers in their batch.

The point to be emphasized and to be noted here is that despite being different on the basis of caste, creed, gender or region of a country, we need to be empathetic and sympathetic to each other so as to maintain a congenial relationship. Eventually, this would lead to a compatible dependency which culminates into a harmonious and jovial atmosphere.


Source by Murli Manohar Owk

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