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Friendship bracelets have a long history in our culture as they were thought to be crafts of American Indian tribes. However, fast forwarding a few centuries will bring us to the 1970s when these bracelets not only represented friendship, but became fashionable items to wear as ethnic items were considered “in”. The great thing about these bracelets is that in the 21st century they are still fashionable and will undoubtedly never go out of style.

The Meaning Behind Friendship Bracelets

You may have wandered into several dollar stores or seen ethnic inspired jewelry and wondered what these bracelets actually mean. Friendship bracelets are meant to be given to your closest friend to symbolize your lasting friendship. These bracelets are lightweight and meant to be tied around the wrist of your friend. Wearing this type of bracelet shows the world that you have a deep friendship with someone and that person cared enough to give you a piece of jewelry to symbolize it.

The best bracelets you give to your friends are ones that actually represent their character traits. After all, everyone has a personality and there are some traits that you may value above all others. The next time you are looking for the perfect color combination, consider what the following colors represent:

Pink- kind or sweet

Red- honest

Orange- energetic

Yellow- happy or cheerful

Green- lucky or earthy

Blue- loyal

Black- strong or smart

How To Get These Bracelets

The great thing about friendship bracelets is that there is no right or wrong way to acquire them. Most stores at your local mall or online will carry these types of bracelets with hundreds of colors and designs to choose from. However, you don’t always have to purchase these bracelets. In fact, if you are crafty enough, you can make your own.

The most popular method of making these bracelets is to use DMC floss which is widely available at your local arts and crafts store or wherever cross stitching supplies can be found. However, that doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself. Beads can be added as decoration and some bracelets are made from hemp, cord, string, linen or even silk.

Why You Should Have Them

The thing about these bracelets is that once you start giving them, you are likely to get some too. Meanwhile, the bracelets on their own are fashion items, but when they’re given to you by someone important, they hold truth and meaning. Your relationship with a friend is something you should cherish and sometimes, a simple object such as a bracelet is all you need for reaffirmation.

People often assume that once they break ties with a friend, then it’s okay to remove the bracelet as well. In some ways that assumption is understandable, but the bracelet holds deeper meaning than that. The time you shared with your friend and the happy memories you made together are all held together in the threads of that one bracelet. You may not be friends forever and your friendship may not last, but that doesn’t mean that your memories can’t.


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