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It is very rare to meet a person without having a single friend because friendship is a fundamental relationship in our daily lives. We encounter so many people each day, get to know each other and share common interest. Some friends last long and being cherished for a lifetime. Real friendship is very comforting but friends should be chosen carefully.

Many believe that friendship is a form of blessing coming from God. It is a mutual and non judgmental relationship of two or more unique and diverse personalities who share common goals and interests in life. For some, they treat friendship as a strong tie between individuals who are willing to give, listen, understand and do not demand. Each of us has the freedom to select our friends. There might be several definitions for friendship but the essence of real friendship stays the same. Trust is the primary source of the relationship. Without trust, nothing can be established. You will only start building a friendly relationship with someone if you learn how to believe. With that, sharing about life follows. There are times that you cannot tell anything to your family and relatives about a specific matter, but because of trust and bond that you have with your friend, you are willing to open up to him or her. The foundation of a real and long lasting friendship is faith and undying love which can render care and support no matter what the situations are.

Like a beautiful flower, friendship must also be nurtured with love and care. The relationship should maintain its warmness and glow despite the hard times or the not so good times being spent together because real friendship is kind and true. As pretty as a flower, friendship blooms whenever it has been taken good care by someone with a pure and compassionate heart. The world may turn against you but a true friend will always believe and care for you.

Having good friends is good for the soul. Friendship increases your sociability and later on, you will feel happy, comfortable and secured being with your friends. When you are down, friends are there to lift you up. When you are sad and mourning, friends stay beside you and will bring smile into your face. It is a wonderful feeling to have real friends. Everyday living is a challenge, full of trials and problems. But if you have someone to lean on, everything goes easy and possible to make through. There are so many relationships in the world but only friendship can endure and survive most of the time. Real friend can join you conquer the world. The essence of true friendship is experienced by a person who was able to find a true friend in his journey in life. Money can’t buy you a real friend. The bond in friendship that you have is worthwhile. The joy being felt during fun times with a friend can never be replaced by any material thing in this world because friendship is a priceless treasure.


Source by William G. Steinmetz

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