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Actor Harrison Ford proposed to Calista Flockhart on St. Valentine’s Day in 2009. Finally, Indiana Jones popped the question to Ally McBeal after almost a decade of just hanging around together and after adopting a son. The two of them met after Calista spilled a drink on him at a Golden Globes ceremony seven years ago.

For those of you not familiar with this Hollywood Power Couple, their most famous films include Star Wars and Blade Runner. Flockhart, who is now 44, was the erotic, neurotic lawyer on Ally McBeal. So is this a relationship that is going to last? Harrison is a Cancer, born July 13, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois. Calista is a Scorpio, born November 11, 1964. Lets look at their compatibility.

There are a lot of trines between the planets of the two charts, which means compatibility. A trine is an angle of thirty degrees from one planet to another. Her Scorpio Sun is trine his Cancer Sun, which makes them very grateful for each other’s company. Yet another trine is formed between her Moon and his moon. This means that they have a great intuitive understanding of each other’s needs. Harrison Ford’s Jupiter also has a pleasant alignment to her Jupiter, which means that the relationship has a joyous, upbeat quality. They laugh and take life less seriously when they are together.

Harrison’s Mercury is also trine her Saturn, which means they work make a great team. They are both practically minded and organized and would make excellent business partners as well as lovers. One of the strongest indications of love in their chart is his Venus trines her, which means that love, affection, and tenderness flows naturally between these two people. They enjoy the same sexual pleasures and they love to take it easy. The chances really are strong that this is a relationship that will last.

However, not all is roses astrologically. Calista’s mercury is opposite Harrison’s Uranus, which means misunderstandings and arguments. However, this type of passion can also stimulate lovemaking. Harrison’s Venus is also square Calista’s unexpected and difficult changes may be very much a part of their future. Both may feel overwhelmed by the strong feelings they have for each other and need to spend time apart every now and then to regain their senses.

Jealousy might also rear its ugly head in this relationship quite often as well as Harrison’s Venus is square Calista’s Pluto. He may see her as his property or objectify her sexually. She may feel easily threatened by any attention he pays to other women. These possessive traits may be aggravated the fact that relationships with strong Pluto. However, one of the saving graces in their chart is that both of them have Venus in the 10th house. This not only bodes great career success and physical beauty, but the fact that both of them have this means that they really do understand each other’s needs professionally and as celebrities.


Source by Christopher Murray

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