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What a very, very special time of the year. So many things to be excited about; Christmas wishes full of excitement for new toys, new games, new home. It is all so very tickley exciting. Weeeeee.

I was sitting here thinking and talking to the angels this morning, and they told me it was time to give you a very very very special gift. They said, that they have been watching and that they just know that the time is right. You are five now and this is a great time for you to discover the magic key that unlocks your super power!

So sit quietly with me for a minute and let’s see if we can find it. This key lives inside you. You get to imagine what your key looks like, smells like, taste like and feels like. When you discover the key inside you, you will be able to unlock your SUPER POWER and your MAGIC.

So let’s begin: Close your eyes, and think about how much you love your Mommy, Daddy and Baby Brother. Keep thinking about it… do you see a picture in your mind? What does it look like? Does it look like Mommy’s smile, Daddy’s Eyes or your Brother’s Dimples? Is it a color?


Keep thinking and seeing your love… does the love smell like anything? Does it smell like Mommy’s hair, Daddy’s Face, Brother’s Hands?


You are doing a great job, now let’s see if the love taste like anything? Does it taste like a chocolate milkshake, popcorn or a waffle?


No fair keep those eyes closed for a few more seconds, you’re doing it, you are almost finding the key. Does the love feel like anything? Is it a tickle in your tummy, a sparkly feeling on the tip of your nose or the top of your head, a warm feeling in your heart?


Sit there for just a few seconds more and see if you can make the feeling get even stronger, ticklier, more sparkly, and warmer. Energize those feelings to as big and strong as you can possibly get them! PERFECT… Now shoot that energy out like an explosion of bright light to all the people everywhere, don’t forget to send some to Mommy, Daddy and Brother. WOW WOW WOW I felt it! Your love energy is So Powerful!

You did it! You did it! You found the KEY to unlock your Super Power!

You Remembered the Magic!

That feeling of love that lives inside your tummy, your heart and your head is the key to your super power. You can share this power with everyone, everywhere and at any time. It works the best when you or someone you see is feeling sad, angry, tired or sick.

I will let you in on a secret… shhhh don’t tell anyone, this is also my secret super power, this is how I do my magic. I think of you and how much I love you and use that feeling, the vibration, and the energy of that love and I share it with those who need it. I am soooo happy you now have activated your super power. Don’t forget to send out the explosive bright light of love whenever your get the chance.


Source by Virginia Adams

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