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It’s really a key topic explain the importance of planetary strength and how important it is to answer questions for people about love, money, career, and relationships properly. And it’s actually fun to learn this stuff. You’ll be amazed what you can do with it. Without getting into a bunch of boring talk – let’s take a zodiac sign and see which planets do best in it and which have a tougher way with the astrological sign. So let’s take the zodiac sign of Taurus to start our review.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. So we know that when Venus is in Taurus, she will be very happy. In astrology, knowing a planet’s level of strength is super important. It gives us insight to in how well we have skills in all areas when looking at our birth or natal chart. How easy is it to find money naturally for us? What about love or relationships? Essential dignity of certain planets, along with aspects they make and get, and where they are, all contribute to finding these very clearly.

If you are looking to answer a particular question for someone (studying the astrological signs in this way is called horary astrology) you also need to know the level of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ a planet is being. Because that planet may be representing someone vital to the question. So that helps to clue us in to an answer in a very systematic way.

So to lay out all the types of essential dignity, there is rulership as we saw above. There is exaltation, then triplicity, term, and face. Basically this goes from “best” to “honored, overemphasized good but still good” to “lucky, pretty good” to “eh, a tiny bit of decency” to “well, better than nothing.” These are all forms of “good”.

Then there’s also the negative parts of essential dignity. They are called detriment and fall. Detriment is “very bad”, fall is “overinflated sense of bad”. In the same sense that exaltation puffs up the goodness a bit too much, fall discounts the badness a little too much too. Still fairly bad but not horrid.

Once you know a planet’s favorite sign (sign of rulership), you can easily find out their worst sign (detriment). Simply go to the astrological sign exactly opposite it. For Venus that is Scorpio. See, Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Venus and Mars, natural opposites – that’s why there are books about them! Doesn’t mean they can’t get along – it always depends on the question and what zodiac sign each planet is in at the time. See the importance of knowing a bit more than just a Sun sign!

Each planet has its signs and parts of zodiac signs where they are “pretty good” , “better than nothing”, or whole signs where they are “very bad”. You can search in good astrology books and on other website for a chart that lists the specific zodiac signs for all of these places. It’s a real trip to figure all this stuff out. You’ll see just how cool this stuff can be and is! There are many articles, other website, and whole books which go into fascinating detail on why the planets are considered good or bad in each sign. This is the traditional angle – one that I like because it lends itself to giving concrete, verifiable details.


Source by Dave Jeffrey

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