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Shakespeare had said, “if you find a friend, tie him with chains of steel”. This metaphorical statement goes a long way in explaining that to find a friend is very difficult and to keep him even more. So if you find a good friend do all you can to keep him or her. Because good friends are rare indeed.

But with having a friend one has to develop a lot of patience. As it is not easy to adhere to a friend and with your worldly needs. In school friends come and go but a few stay back, most of the friends we make here are superficial. In college our friendship grows a few roots while later in life some friends grow thick with our lives.

Sometimes we get so immersed in our lives – work routine, home chores and other stuff we forget about our friends. Or sometimes they keep calling us for a talk or just to hang out and we are just not in the mood to entertain them. But we must understand that the same will happen to us someday and it is our friends who raise our moods and give us that listening ear which does the trick.

So you need to have a lot of patience with your friends. Sometimes you just have to listen to them, sometimes take a walk or get a meal outside catching up on old times because not all of us are successful and have a great life. While we move up and out of college some of our friends do not do so well in life. They lack confidence or monetarily slacken. It is here to play the trick a friend indeed always does i.e. by being there for your friend.

Sometimes it’s just the fact that you are there for him or her. All they want to know is that they are not alone in their struggle. A struggling phase in life seems never ending although the end is near and all you have to do is to say, ‘hang in there, this will be over soon.’ And sure it will be.

For married individuals it is difficult to balance marriage and friends as they are caught in the crossfire. Friends want to go out while the husband or wife wants to go out on the same day. Meeting after work or going for a drink gets into unwanted trouble as the spouse at home thinks you are giving more importance to your friends. Hence doing the balancing act and explaining your spouse that it is just a matter of a day with friends while you are with your spouse always is what matters. So reserve all the patience you have cause-keeping friends for life is no piece of cake.


Source by Jennie Kakkad

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