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Stories about new-born babies being thrown away in a refuse bin or a drain are every-day occurrences. Fortunately, most of these babies can be saved. I wonder what goes through a mother’s heart when she gets rid of her own flesh and blood in such a way.

On the news I hear about a woman in New York who hid her pregnancy from her boyfriend. She gave birth in his flat and then threw the baby from the window. The flat was on the seventh floor! Does such a mother have a heart?


At the other end of the spectrum are those couples who long for just one little baby, but who can’t get pregnant. They would do anything just to hold their own little baby. People whose hearts overflow with love and compassion.

This is Andriette’s story:

I underwent fertility treatment for 10 years and eventually adopted two children.

One of them is autistic (only diagnosed two years ago) and that was a hard road, because 40 years ago there were no knowledge or support. But we carried her. We still support her in everything.

Today, this child is a single mother to two autistic children. I don’t have to say more.

From a young age I saw this as my calling and now, with my two grandchildren, even more so.

And I just want to say that through all the pain, suffering, drama, court cases, and more, Jesus did not abandon us for even one day. I truly experience that it needs just a mustard seed.

These three autistic children are all Jesus’ children and they try to live to honour Him.

Do you see the heart of love and compassion? Even though life threw a few bad curve balls at her, her heart drives her and it becomes her calling. She walks the road with her Saviour. That is why love and compassion flow over the children who need love so much.

She is exactly as Paul says we should be: 2God’s people should be bighearted and courteous. Even when life hits you a few curve balls. Even if the hand of cards you are dealt is not so good.

This is actually inevitable when you’re a child of God. When you understand how much God loves you, that He was prepared to let his Son hang on a cross so that you can be saved from eternal damnation, your heart changes. You can’t keep the love you receive just for yourself. There’s too much of it. It flows from our hearts.

Let’s make sure that our love overflows from our hearts onto the people around us. Let’s make sure that the small world in which we live is changed because we live Jesus’ love in it. And let’s act with compassion towards those who don’t like us too.


Titus 3:1-2


Is your love overflowing?

Where do you have to go and live love?

To whom should you show compassion?


Jesus, I want to walk the road with You, and I want to show compassion to others. Even when it is difficult and even when others are not too friendly to me. Amen.


Source by Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe

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