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Friendship is a bond between two people who share a cooperative and supportive relationship. They share mutual understanding and likes in certain things. Someone you can call anytime of the day and will lend you a hand in your troubled times and never leave your side in the worst of circumstance. Someone who will keep you company and share the same joys with you. Someone you can trust and share your ideas with, give you advices and share the same tastes in doing enjoyable activities.

Some says it is hard to find true friendship because most often some friendship cannot endure the tests of time. It failed to succeed. There are different reasons why some friendship ends. It could be because of distance, time, unacceptable indifference, lost of interest and priority setting. To some, distance is a factor because friends could hardly see and meet. They will often ask, “Where were you when I needed someone”. But others believe that distance is not an encumbrance to any relationship. Although seas and mountains separate people, there will always be a way to connect if we find means to. A true friend will try to understand the absence of a friend in times of crisis and would accept any forms of connection that is available. In this world of technology, distance is no longer a burden in nurturing a friendship. We can always connect if we find ways.

Time is always a precious gift you can give to a friend. It is important to find time talking and listening to a friend’s insights, experiences, sentiments, and problems. In this way, we build a strong bond among our friends and a deeper understanding of each ones personality and peculiarities. When we choose our friends, we learn to accept the individual uniqueness of each one. We unveil our friends’ character and start to understand their personality, behaviors, attitudes and even their weaknesses. We learn to love and accept even their bad sides because we take them as they are. Some would turn away and leave. Others would care to help change their friends and seek for improvement but it does always succeed as we planned.

It’s hard to change a person. We just need to understand and accept their indifference as they accept and understand ours. If we broaden our understanding and be patient we will be able to accept their idiosyncrasies. It is part of their being and as long we wanted to save our friendship, we need to learn to be understanding and accept the uniqueness of our friend. Losing interest in friendship happens. People change every day and it affects the relationship. If the changes are not acceptable, people lose interest in continuing the friendship. Doing nothing also looses the interest of both parties. We need to keep moving and enjoy the adventure with our friends. It is ideal to give spice and joy to any relationship so not to lose interest.

How we prioritize our friends’ matters much. It is important to know where to place our friends and let them feel and understand our stand. If it is clear to us where we and where our friends stand in terms of priority setting, we will be able to avoid conflicts and too much expectations. In that way we can understand our friends in the decisions they make and be there for them in times of crisis. To continue to grow and bear fruit, it is necessary that we nurture our friendship and life becomes more meaningful and exciting if we have friends. Learn more about Mastering the Law of Attraction by visiting http://www.thesecretoflifebydesign.com


Source by Janet Grace Ortigas

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