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Everyone needs friends in the society. Friends can give you a rest station of your heart if you are tired about your daily affairs. Friendship is really a valuable relationship in human beings. Friends may not be many but must be really true friends. Just as the saying goes, “a friend in need is a friend indeed”. So if we have lots of good friends we will find life will be beautiful and wonderful.

If you have a good friend then you can confide your feelings or thoughts which maybe can not tell others to him or her freely when you are in trouble or in bad mood. You do not have to hide your emotion in your heart. You will find your friend is your best listener and adviser when you are telling. If you came across something and need help then you can turn to your friends for help. Because he or she will try his or her best to help you and make you get out from the hardship. If you are not happy your friends will make you laugh. And at last you laugh together. If you have good friends, you are supposed to care about them also. Friendship needs mutual efforts to keep, not one person’s effort.

So if you have good friends just try to do something beneficial for him or her. Let them feel your love, your care and your happiness. It’s not you always accept their care and love you also should do something for them. And the relationship between you will be better and better.

If you have some really good friends just try to cherish the valuable relationship between you. Cherish everyday you spend together. Cherish his or her kindness to you. Because there are not many people like them treat you so kind in the world. So just treasure the valuable friendship between you all your life.


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