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“The greatest secret of all is how deeply you’re loved.

You have no idea.

Always, no matter what –

The Universe”

Love is everything and without it, no humans can really survive or live being happy. You can have all the money in the world and think you can be happy but that is far from the truth. Love helps define us, as individuals, and taking love away is taking a part of us that can help us live a healthy life. We need people around us that cares for us, it is rooted in our DNA. We do things for others in the hope they appreciate us as people and love us in return. This outcome doesn’t always happen as many live a very selfish life and take advantage of the many who live a selfless life. Do not expect others to change to being a loving person because you are. They probably have lived in a very dysfunctional home where love wasn’t present and they built their conscious mind around the concept of nonexistent love. It is very difficult to train these mind to love again.

I am sure it can be hard to always help others in need, especially when they never return the favor. This is the problem with society. People will go: “I been helping him or her for years without them helping me in time of need. Why should I even bother?” You definitely have to judge if that person is here to solely take advantage of you whenever it is possible OR they help you in other ways they can. You need to figure out the nature of the help they can comfortably provide. Some may not have the monetary means to help you but if they contribute to helping you in another way, they are definitely worth helping again. It is not a dollar for a dollar here, it is how the other person can offer their help in a time of need that should be considered as valuable. Do not waste your time with the vampires that feeds on you until you’re dried up and then go feed on other innocent victims. There are all around you, just keep your eyes open for these predators. Avoid becoming like them but also make sure to protect yourself at all cost. Live your life the way you see best and always remember that people never will forget the help you offered them in time of need. This is considered as a very valuable trait, especially in today’s society.


Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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