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Friendship is a silent transformer of life; a relationship that stays alive only till the time it is nourished with love, care, kindness, empathy, and understanding. By dictionary terms, it is a compassionate and cooperative relationship between two or more individuals but it really does not define or speak about the magical power the relationship holds.

The magic wand of friendship has a strong and enduring power that can transform the life of all those who are on their journey with this great feeling. It is a relationship that blows flowers on the way, fills laughter in the air when friends are together, and spreads love in the ambiance. It is a feeling that offers support and comfort at every stage in life, delivers peace of mind when under deep stress, and also offers a strong level of understanding. It ties two or more individuals so strongly that no one can escape from the anguish of losing or breaking the relationship.

Many people around the world talk about friendship and friends but how many of you really feel that this enduring relationship definitely has some magic in it. Those who feel the magic, surely they are blessed with true friends. However, there may be some who don’t feel the magic and they believe that it’s nothing more than a word in the dictionary. But dear friends, just peep into your own heart and count your friends. Think about all those moments when you were happily dancing and celebrating your special days; think about those moments when you were stressed out and struggling to cope up with challenges; and think about those moments when you were alone sitting at a corner of your room. Now, go back in your thoughts and carefully analyze all those moments when your friends were with you and the moments when you were completely alone. You’ll get an answer to all your queries.

To have good friends is really a blessing. It is all about how much you care and love the other person. There are no boundaries that true friends cannot reach at times you need them most, at times you are lost on your way, and at times you are trying to cope up with new challenges in life. They form a special connection and a strong bonding that holds the power to weather any storm. Their hearts fill with happiness and pride when you achieve success and on the other hand they feel low when you are in pain. They are wise to your shortcomings and negativities and help you overcome those without hurting you.

A hand in need, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, and a heart to love, is what a true friend offers selflessly and unconditionally.


Source by Jennie Amit Gandhi

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