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Weather Forecasters across the nation proclaimed the arrival of the first day of Autumn on September 22, 2005. They were, however, totally oblivious as to how this would affect the very forecasts they will make throughout the season. Of course, in a general way, meteorologists understand that because of the earth’s orbit around the Sun, the Sun now appears to be over the Equator and moving south. This means a loss of solar energy for the Northern Hemisphere, and a loss of solar energy means changes in the weather. But that’s as far as it goes for them.

The ancients had a different understanding. An astrological chart set for the beginning of each season at the corresponding solstice or equinox afforded them more than just a broad-spectrum look at the season in question. From the planetary positions and aspects contained in the chart, they extracted a more detailed look at the quality of that particular spring, summer, fall, or winter. Would it be a dry season or a windy one? Would it be a mild or a harsh winter? When would certain weather phenomena take place?

The beauty of this method is that weather phenomena can be foreseen months and years in advance since planetary positions can be calculated far into the future. This built-in, non-polluting, advance warning forecast tool is one of God’s thoughtful conveniences that, if properly used, could save humankind time, money, and lives.

This year, long-range forecasts based on this method, have found their fulfillment in Hurricanes Alpha, Wilma, Otis, Dennis, and Tropical Storms Irwin and Arlene.


Source by Ken Paone

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