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First understand this: Love is a frequency, not an emotion.

The fact that we have been programmed to believe that we are not complete without someone to love us (or even more dramatically, finding our so-called soul-mate) is the greatest deception and distraction of this modern era.

In fact, this concept-the necessity of having a partner in order to be in Love-is responsible for the disconnect we experience with regard to our own higher selves, and interferes with our ability to experience ourselves as the Love we are in fact.


We are one. All life is one. Everything that is, is one quantum, unified field. Within this oneness each component, each being, vibrates at its own signature frequency. We are like the members of a choir, each carrying a different note, contributing to the hopefully pleasing sound of the whole. But unfortunately, unlike a choir, as humans we do not vibrate in harmony-barely being harmonious within our own selves-and so the result of our dissonant and distorted vibrational toning is cacophonous and chaotic, with the consequence being all the ills we experience as individuals and society.


One of the analogies I use consistently is that of humanity being a single enormous body, with each of us being individual cells in that body. If we want to enlighten that collective body and create a more Loving environment on the planet, each of us must Lighten up our own cell and contribute that Light to the whole.

And that’s where Love comes in: Love is the highest frequency there is and contains the greatest Light-why we often hear them linked together: Love & Light.

Love, the frequency, emanates from the heart-center-and if faithfully cultivated will be experienced ecstatically as it begins to fill in all the cracks where fear, sadness or disconnection dwell. That Love-frequency transforms everything it touches, and it will transform your life if you make it the focus of your attention.

“How do we do this?” you may ask.

One inspiring teacher** suggests a very simple process: close your eyes, place your hand (or hands) on your heart center and repeat “I Love You” over and over and over. You can also look in the mirror and do the same thing. You can sing it in the shower or in the car while driving; you can repeat it when you’re going to sleep and first thing upon awakening. (I like to sing it and have created a ring tone-I hear it all day long)

One thing is for sure: if you do this simple little practice daily, and devotedly, in a very short period of time you will change the frequency in your body and energy field, begin to embody a higher vibration, and have an entirely transformed experience of life on Earth. And that’s when the real fun begins- because joy arises in your heart and you start to affect those around you with the Loving vibe you carry.


For years now, as Valentine’s Day approaches, I have been handing out hundreds of little reminders randomly on the street and in shops as I go about my day. Every year I choose a new graphic, but the message is always the same:

You ARE Love. Love yourself.

Take it to heart and see what happens.


*I capitalize ‘Love’ when I speak of it as a frequency, as opposed to using the verb meaning “having great appreciation for.” In the same way I capitalize Light when referring to the Cosmic Quality.

** Matt Kahn


Source by Sahara Devi

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