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Have you ever thought of the title question? Do you have any straight forward answers? I suggest that you read on for insights.

I had always thought and believed that friendship with a guy for a few years will lead to love and relationship. While I really was on that path, I was jolted out of the blues when the guy I was closely bonded with answered that he still considered me to be a friend and couldn’t think otherwise. He was the first guy I really liked and was starting to fall for him. I was dismayed with his response but respected his wishes, and in order to console myself, I sang the Titanic song over and over again, putting special emphasis on the line: “My heart will go on and on.”

Arranged marriages are rampant in our country and they do not always break, but rather stick. On the other hand divorce rates in our country have increased ten fold in the new era compared to the old times, even with marriages that initiated with love affairs.

So you see there is no easy solution to my question. But on the other hand when you commit to a relationship, you have to befriend your man/woman and get along with each other. So why not be friends first, then have a love relationship, get married and still be on friendship terms. You have to be friends with your spouse after marriage so that the two of you can be on the same boat through thick and thin. Only then, you can become solid lovers.

However, as in my case, the friendship did not turn out to be the first step of a relationship. So which way do you go?

My advice would be: Be happily married to yourself before you marry someone. In other words, love yourself from the core of your heart and then it would be easy to love others, commit to a relationship and eventually marry.

Summing up, friendship may not be the burgeoning step of a relationship. After all, love at first sight does happen. Body chemistry, body language, compatibility and emotions all play vital roles. Additionally, it’s up to you whom you find electric and attractive and the other party should feel the same for you – that is how a beautiful bond is formed mutually. And it’s up to the two of you to make the best out of it, getting along, befriending each other and compromising.


Source by Rosina S Khan

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