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As a psychotherapist for 40 years, I have learned many important and profound insights and solutions. I discovered that there are only two basic emotions. All emotions are coming from either love or fear. For example, gratitude, acceptance, and inner peace is coming from our love. While anger, resentment, anxiety, and stress are fear-based.

When we come from fear we are in survival, and we lack trust and faith. We are only truly living when we experience love, trust, and faith. Which emotion are you living your life from, love or fear?

If you responded that you are in fear, welcome yourself to “the human race”. Unfortunately, we have been taught how to wash our hands when they are dirty, but not how to live from love. Because my parents did not know how either, I had to learn how to overcome my fears and choose to respond in love. Yes, we do have a choice when we are conscious and set that goal.

I was born in 1940, and I have rejuvenated and maintained my health. I am enjoying serving many people, with no need for medication or operations, even in my senior years.

I am pleased to share some tools I use to help me live from love, trust, and faith. To begin with, understand that we make decisions from our experiences all the time. For example, if my parents are critical, it must mean that I am not good enough. Can you relate? To release that negative, self-defeating thought, say, “I delete that negative thought. The truth is, no matter what people say or do, I am good enough.”

Congratulations you have shifted into a love state. You will probably automatically take a deeper breath because your body can now relax, and that is a healing state.

To have trust and faith, it is important to connect with your intuition. Your higher self, also known as your spirit, communicates to you through your intuition. Your mind believes what it knows, what it learned, or sees. However, your intuition is where wisdom comes from. Genius ideas and creativity all come from intuition.

We all have intuition because it comes with the “human package”. There are many ways to receive intuition, and it is important to find out how. One way I teach is to be aware of your heart energy center in the middle of your chest and your lungs, and think, is it for my highest good to ____, and fill in the sentence. It these areas are tight the answer is no. Expansion of your heart center and lungs means yes. Your body is very intuitive. Unlike the mind, it is not programmable.

You may also get a gut feeling that something is for your highest good or not. I suggest that you trust it. Note how you begin the question, “Is it for my highest good?”

My life changed, when I learned how to listen to my intuition and decided to make all my decisions from my all-loving and all-wise part of me. Then I was living from love and a knowing that I had all the guidance, support, and wise answers inside of me.

I also believe in an all-loving, all-knowing, all-wise higher power that loves me unconditionally and connects with me through my intuition. Having trust and faith has made my life spiritual, miraculous, fun, happy, and healthy. I no longer feel alone and that I need to do it all by myself. I have the divine being walking with me on earth.


Source by Helene Rothschild

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