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Identity Theft is not always about our finances; it’s about who we are and it’s buried deep within our being. Recovering from the Identity Theft of a relationship gone wrong is almost as traumatic as a financial Identity Theft experience. Many times, people want to begin a relationship with finding their other half. How can we be only a half to anyone if we are not whole in our own right?

Couples who have emotional and spiritual differences in their Love Ship connection can sink to the bottomless pit of the ocean when the storm of life produces tsunami waves. The energy of these powerful waves can lead to lack of communication.

When communication becomes limited, then thoughts of the couple separate and generate a level of negative environment that erodes the Love-Ship they once felt. Some may refer to this first Love-Ship as romance. Some may refer to feeling as Lust-Ship.

Regardless of the name of the Ship, the lack of communication creates fragmentation of the mind within the man and the woman. This gives the Phantoms of evil who are always present the channel to steer the Ship of this love matched couple into the violent storm Phantoms have ready and waiting. When evil becomes the dominate thread, then it overtakes the Love-Ship and destroys that beautiful Sacred-Ship into pieces of shattered ocean debris thick with green slime algae.

The Phantoms have invaded and raped the oneness and goodness that couple experienced when they met. God has not been allowed to give the warmth of the sunshine and the vibrant colored rainbows to weave the thread of love that once was a gift to this couple.

The unbreakable grace-thread that brings God’s mercy and strength could have held the Love-Ship, together or better yet, Love-Ship and Lust-Ship. What a beautiful and spiritual Ship it would have become had this man and woman given their Relationship to God.

The Ship if allowed guided by God is able to survive monstrous storms and gigantic waves of life. A Relationship with the thread of The Lord’s sacrifice for sin woven into the intricate details of the Love-Lust Ship bestowed upon two people who devote their lives, and their bonded relationship to Him, creates a harmonic positive energy and beauty that caresses only the awesomeness of Nature.

Relationships with other people are much like the financial relationship we own. We can protect and become aware of the dangers of The Phantoms who steal, or we can continue to keep our head buried in the sand along with the Ostrich and do it alone, blinded by darkness. With the Phantoms of darkness relationships fail.

We have been given the gift of choice. We have the freedom to choose, we don’t have the freedom to choose the consequences of our choice. Relationships are priceless or worthless; it’s a choice.


Source by Patricia A Gaines

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