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There is no big deal being friends or even dating a married woman so far your intent is non sexual. Friendships and relationships strive on understanding of the two parties and also maturity plays a vital role in this kind of relationship. Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman and anyone who put asunder is bound to be doomed. The intent of this article is not to teach you to have sex with a married woman or snatch her from her husband; but its just a guide to having a platonic relationship with a married woman. So here goes; someone might say “why being close to a married woman when there are millions of young single ladies out there to be dated and to have a relationship with?” Yes why this question might be logical but you would bear with me that there are people you naturally like or just blend with whether they are married or not, it’s just chemistry and nature.

Now I have to warn at this point that if you have to be friends with a married woman you should be very careful. Below are some tips on how to go about this kind of relationship:

1. Make her realise that you like her not for any sexual reasons: I advise to be careful with your choice of words, when talking to her don’t be flirty, keep it real and natural. You need to make her understand that you respect the fact that she is married and you just need to be friends with her. If she likes you naturally then it’s a plus for you.

2. Be careful with the phone calls: Common sense should tell you when to call a married woman or not; unless she does the calling at this period, then do not call. If she is the regular 8am – 4pm worker, you can send her a text during this period and if she is disposed she can text back or call. Please do not call her from 7pm upwards, you should know that she could be having a happy time with her family. Weekend calls should be avoided unless she opens up communication with you and wants to see you, please do not jeopardize her marriage.

3. Make her family your friend: Yes while this might sound a little awkward but it helps build the relationship. We all know that most men are possessive about their wives; if she introduces you to her husband and you sound and act withdrawn and he ever has a slight feeling of you trying to have an affair with his wife, then the friendship is done for. Instead when you meet her husband be jovial and free, if she got kids better for you – just play with them and make them your friends. If they call you Uncle “good thing”. Some ice cream would do though. With these you have got a ticket to the family

4. Erase every erotic thoughts: I am sure you know what adultery is? I am not about advising you to have sex with a married woman as you would be subject to eternal damnation. Secondly if you lure her and finally have sex with her, chances are she would hate you later on when she realises you were a sly fox who just wanted to get her laid. While some married women my enjoy having sex with another man, I don’t advise that because it spoils a lot of thing. You should ask yourself how you would feel when you find out that another man slept with your wife.

5. Be careful with the show of emotions: When giving her gifts please do this with care. Do not give a gift that depicts intimacy. This would mean getting her to think wide, most women are touchy people so you should not make her feel you have plans other than just being friends

6. Keep the relationship plain and simple: Yes you can joke with her, tell her about the ladies you have met, the things you have done, the places you have been, you can talk almost about anything but be careful with sex talks. There are so many things to discuss, just get her interest and center your discussion on what she likes to talk most.

I know you might be wondering, why all these rules if I really want to be friends with a married woman. Yes this is what works for me as I have some married friends and I don’t over step the bounds. Like I earlier on said marriage is sacred so do not be the devil who will destroy a life long union. This is just the simple truth if you want to be friends with a married woman.


Source by Ikenna Victor Agina

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