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Every one of us is busy these days – you have your jobs, work at home and family to take care of. Sometimes, in the midst of all this rush, people tend to forget to look after themselves. They forget that if they fall, the many other routines and lives that are so interwoven with theirs also slip to an extent. People forget to go outdoors after the long days at the office, forget to catch a game of ball after all the work at home, the garden seems so far away that you don’t want to go out of the cozy confines of home. But you’re harming yourself by sedentary. In what way are you sedentary you ask – you are working all day! But what you’re doing is mostly working your brain. You need to work your body as well.

Heart Ahoy!

One of the main problems that arise from a lifestyle that has people sitting around all day is all that inactivity affects their heart. Thus, by not exercising, people tend to put themselves in harm’s way. Coronary heart disease results from fatty deposits, calcium, cholesterol and other substances that build up in your arteries. These are the arteries that carry the blood supply to your heart and they can get blocked because of the deposits. As well as helping prevent heart disease, it can be easier to recover from heart attacks and strokes if you live an active lifestyle, preventing further damage to your cardiovascular system. Heart disease is the main cause of most deaths among men and women due to their sedentary lifestyles according to doctors all over the world. Combining exercise with some basic lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and eating healthy can improve your chances of avoiding serious ailments including heart disease.

Lack of exercise does not only cause arteriosclerosis, which is clogged arteries, but increases other risk factors as well. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes, low levels of good LDL cholesterol all tend to lead to coronary heart disease. Insulin is kept moving through the body by means of activity which decreases the chance of developing diabetes in later adulthood. Lack of exercise enhances insulin resistance which can come with ageing. Irregular blood flow can be controlled by exercise as well because it directly affects the blood lipid abnormalities. Stress reduction and improved brain function is also something which exercise helps with. Since stress is one of the main causes of heart disease, it is best taken care of. A pumping, strong heart can be had with regular aerobic exercise thus maintaining healthy blood pressure. Researchers from over the world have stated that exercise has more affect on the heart than diet does.

Exercise you can include everyday

Exercise is not always about lifting weights in the gym. It’s something you can do everyday, for any span of time starting from 5 minutes to an hour. First thing in the morning that you should do is stretch- it prepares your muscles for the day. Walking is an ideal form of exercise. Making the heart working 50 to 60 percent for 30 minutes a day is ideal! Taking the stairs, gardening and housework is ideal exercise.

Take care of your heart. Take care of yourself.


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