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We are living in challenging times! But following astrology and the updates of the planetary constellations in the heavens will give you a superior perspective and more conscious choices for a successful, satisfying and joyful life.

Every journey starts from where you are! Positive thinking, setting your intentions is a start but not the end of the process. We do have to acknowledge the truth of what is – because denial leaves us helpless and victimized.

Using lunar astrology is a very elegant way to become aware how your personal growth process is unfolding and to understand the ever-changing landscape of your inner world of feelings. The New Moon and Full Moon are always magical points in time. The New Moon is starting a new cycle and the Full Moon is highlighting where you are on your journey halfway through.

The Lunar astrology follows the path of the Moon through the 12 signs of the zodiac throughout the month. Approximately every 2 and a half days the Moon enters a new sign and with it a different emotional focal point and perception. The awareness of the Moon position and her waxing and waning from New Moon to Full Moon can give you more compassion with yourself and your always changing mood and feelings. The inner emotional change is constant and impermanence is part of your human life.

Moon in astrology reflects consciousness evolving through your internal process of feelings and guides you intuitively – through your gut feelings. Moon is the archetypal mother, Mahina, the inner or outer woman, nourishes you in her unique way of being.

Full Moon in Aries Oct 11

With a Full Moon things are revealed by the consciousness and light of the Sun; suppressed emotions, hidden agendas, our needs for healing and nurturing, any area related to your inner realm and feelings. The Full Moon at 18 degrees Aries invites you to be decisive in your action, clear and focused in your intentions, finding your passion and stepping up to the plate in areas you might have been holding back.

What started last month with the New Moon in Libra, now with the Full Moon in Aries we get the chance for reconciliation of the self driven Aries warrior with the needs of Libra for balance and love, integrating the masculine with the feminine.

The Full Moon completes and balances our drive and passion with more insights, wisdom, compassion and equanimity.

New Moon in Scorpio Oct 26

With the Moon in Libra the last two days your attention was guided towards your relationships, especially loved ones. Now with the New Moon in 3 degrees Scorpio we have a new emotional perspective to gain with turning our attention more inwards and being ruthlessly honest with ourselves.

Scorpio has a bad reputation because of his intensity and extremes he tends to have us experience. With Scorpio it is about learning through deep processes of transformation and letting go of the old structures, something most of us don’t really do voluntarily. It can be a threatening and scary process. With the New Moon in Scorpio you get a little taste of Scorpio energy and a chance to open up for necessary change in your life.

Have a wonderful month, aloha and many blessings, Shakti.


Source by Shakti Carola Navran

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