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Are there times that you’re not sure if your friends will continue to be your friends? Do you have an understanding between your friends when things get rough?

Most of us don’t make pacts with our friends. We always think that everything will be okay and we don’t have to think of contingencies. But things happen that we don’t expect some time. Do you have a back up plan?

To ensure that you know what to do in unexpected circumstances, you and your friend(s) should make a pact. In order to make a pact, you and your friends should get together and list the ways you’ll respect yourselves and your friendship through thick and thin, and then sign the pledge to always be a support for each other.

Through the years, hold onto your written pact and when times get tough, pull it out as a reminder of the promises that you’ve made to each other. For instance, your pact sheet may look something like the following.

1. We promise to respect ourselves, body, mind and heart.

2. We promise to follow our passions and interests.

3. We promise to keep our relationship strong, regardless of the circumstances.

4. We promise to honour each other’s boundaries at all times.

5. We promise to encourage and support each other always, regardless of the circumstances.

6. We promise to stay true to this friendship pact without exception.

7. All of the members of this pact should sign the form.

By making these promises, you could solidify your friendship with another girl and you could know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you will be there for each other unconditionally. This makes the friends feel much more secure with each other.


Source by Irene Roth

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