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It is very necessary to understand your needs. We should not be confused all the time. Time is very important and once gone than never comes back. So take wise decision and follow them strictly. We all need water, food and home. Simultaneously we also need our parents, relatives and friends to teach us, to help us and to support us. There is no choice in selecting family and relatives. But we can choose our friends wisely. We should understand our need and our nature. Two short temper persons can never be good friends. One should choose his/her fiends accordingly. Although, it is being said that love and friendship can never be planned. But the thing you can do is to keep your eyes and mind open. Just match the nature of that person with yours and see how much he/she understands you.

It is our nature that in starting, we like the things and get attracted. But after sometime, we feel the bore and start taking the things very lightly. But one should not apply this rule in friendship. I would like to share one friendship quote here. “Friendship is not a big thing – it is a million little things.”

Yes, in friendship we need to take care for many little things. We should never hurt friends. We should take our friendship very seriously because it is our friends who support us, care for us and accept us with our weak points. They are our real well wishers.

It is rightly been said that “if you have one true friend, you have more than your share.” True friends are hard to find. If you find one, do not let him/her go. He/she is the only person who can fight for you and believe in you when others don’t. No one in this world can live without friends. Everyone needs friendship. With friends, every single moment becomes memorable. Many great authors have written about the value of friendship in the form of friendship quotes. But beware of selfish and fake friends. Take exam before making anyone your friend. Once you find your real friend, i bet you will never feel sad or alone. He/she is always there for you to listen you, to understand you and to support you.


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