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What though youth gave love and rose, age still leaves us friends and wine – Thomas Moore.

We all need friends, or rather, most of us do and though for some people it’s easy to make friends, for some it’s an uphill task. For friendship, some effort is needed but it need not be. You can make friends by simply listening to people when they talk to you and responding with a smile. A friend is someone you can rely on at all times, someone who loves you and supports you no matter what. A friend most times is supposed to understand and not judge. Friends cry with you and laugh with you. Friendship is not based on what one can get out of it, it’s not that shallow and selfish. True friendship goes deeper and is a relationship that has been nurtured for a long time.

There are different kinds of friends, some friendships last for a short while and the friends are there just for that season, but true friendship is long lasting. Most of us make our friends when we are young and we keep them throughout our life. These are friends who know you inside out from when you were in kindergarten or those you bonded with when you were in high school and exchanged tips on how to rebel to your parents. But also some friends are made when we are adults, grown up with children and though they may not know us for long, they are still special and important and we keep them.

Friendships actually last more than most love relationships because they are based on honesty and no pretense is required to impress a friend. You don’t need to wear makeup or cologne to go out with a friend but friendship like a love relationship has to be worked on. The relationship has to be nurtured and watered like a plant. Do not get comfortable and take your friends for granted. It’s a really busy world we are living in right now and we barely have time for ourselves let alone for friends and other commitments, but you can sacrifice to meet with your friends once in a while. If its not possible on a regular basis, send a text, write an email (not forwards), call them even if for a minute or two, just to let them know you are thinking of them and you treasure them. Do you have a special friend that you can call in the middle of the night when you are in jail or something major like that? You know the kind that asks no questions, passes no judgment but listens and understands? If you expect your friends to be there for you, be the right friend also and be there for them in return, that’s what friendship is all about.

Be true and cheer your friends when they are successful, do not envy them or that would not constitute true friendship. Forgive them when they wrong you; they are simply human, they will make mistakes along the way and disappoint you sometimes. When your friend wrongs you, do not call for a duet in the fields to solve things, that stuff is only for the movies. When you offend you expect to be forgiven, and in the same spirit you should forgive your friends. Be loyal, be honest, be dedicated. You can build bonds that will last forever and get into a friendship that lasts for all time and whose depth has no measure.


Source by Eunice Kariuki

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