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Before I knew where I wanted to go with my life I found it easy to be friends with anyone, just as long as we had an understanding in terms of like interests, common hobbies and generally just clicking until I discovered that some of those friendships were not working because we would be pulling in different directions. Friends who celebrate your successes when you succeed and comfort you when you are in need are to be preferred to those fair weather friends who will be there only when the sun is shining. Some friends only stick around because of a weakness you have, exploiting it. I would like to leave you with ten considerations when you are entering into new friendships.

1. You can relate with everyone but you cannot have a relationship with all of them.

2. Each level of relationship must have a defined purpose, the absence or ignorance of purpose usually breeds abuse

3. You should not just allow anyone and everyone into the “inner chambers” of your life. If a lot of people know the intimate details of your life, it means that you have problem with confidentiality. Visitors stay in the “living room” of your life. It is not everyone that enters the bedroom.

4. Access into your inner circle of tried and tested friends should be reserved only for those pre – qualified people. She may be nice but not tested, he my be wonderful but not good for you.

5. You may be limiting your life by hanging out with the wrong people.

6. Bad influence in friendships particularly for younger people may result in bad choices being made. The reverse is also true where you have attracted friendships that are assigned to the fulfilment of your cause in life.

7. When you are excited about some good news you want to tell everybody. My advice is that you be careful who you share certain information about yourself with as you might end up in trouble or in a complicated situation because information fell on the wrong ears. Share your treasured information with those that have earned your confidence.

8.There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Paul had Silas and David had the close friendship of Jonathan. You need at least one who is very close and reliable.

9. I prefer a friend who would tell me the truth that hurts than a friend who cover s- up problems that will eventually destroy me

10. It has been said that friends are few during tough trying times and everybody needs those few reliable friends that can be called upon to be there when you really need them. Treasure them and keep them because they have your back and will cover you when you are exposed to danger.


Source by Fitzgerald Mujuru

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