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Toni Lee Sharpless had been enjoying herself at a party in Brandywine, Pennsylvania when she decided it was time to leave.  She was last seen between 3 and 3 AM driving off in her car.  An event horoscope can yield a great deal of information on what happens to people during a specific time, so I cast a horoscope for 3 AM to find out more about Toni’s disappearance.

There was not much difference between 3 and 3:30 AM in terms of the Ascendant or important cusps changing, so I used 3 AM, which gives zero degrees of Leo rising:  early degrees signifies a new situation developing.  She has left the party and is now heading home.  Unfortunately she never reaches her destination.  Let’s see what the planets have to say.

Toni is signified by the Sun in Virgo in the third house; she is getting into her car to drive home.  This weak placement of the Sun shows Toni had little control over the circumstances that followed.   The third house is also worrisome because it contains the rulers of the 8th house of death, the 7th house of open enemies, and the 6th house of sickness and misfortune.

I believe Toni met with foul play during her journey home.  The ruler of the 3rd house of travel, Mercury, is in that house and just about to go retrograde, denying her an easy trip.  It is accompanied by Saturn in the 3rd; two forces came into play to deny Toni’s safety.

Saturn, the harbinger of trouble, opposes Uranus in the 9th house, showing a possible traffic accident or a sudden breakdown due to mechanical failure.  Since an opposition is involved I would suspect an accident.  The best testimony to this is a malefic grand square in cardinal signs:  Mercury, planet of travel, opposes the Aries Moon in the 9th house, and this axis is squared by Mars in Cancer in the unhappy 12th house of misery.

Toni’s ruler, the Sun, rules both her and her car (2nd house).  Whatever befell her was related to a mishap with her car:  it either broke down, and she was accosted, or she had an accident and met with foul play from strangers with evil intentions.

A check of the positions of the fixed stars confirms violence:  Bellatrix, a malevolent fixed star of the nature of Mars and Saturn, is exactly parallel Toni’s Sun and the Midheaven of the chart.  The evil fixed star Procyon is parallel the Moon.  Both spell tragedy and foul play for Toni in the hours following the party.

In all my analyses of unfortunate events I hope that I am wrong, and this case is no exception.   The planets and their positions describe a sad fate, but hopefully Toni Lee will be found and the events of that tragic night will eventually be brought to light.

The horoscope for this discussion may be viewed at:  http://starsleuth.wordpress.com/2009/10/31/forensic-astrology-and-the-missing-toni-lee-sharpless/


Source by B D Salerno

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