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Are there really any foods for the brain? If you eat those instant, processed foods all you are taking in is salt, oil and preservatives which are definitely not good for you, they certainly do not help your brain function.

Keeping your body in good health and your brain functional above average require knowing exactly which types of food to eat and the right kind of supplements to take. Proper nutrients are very essential for healthy body and mind, but how do you ensure you are getting the proper type of nutrients?

I know it is not always possible to eat balanced meals however if you try to ensure you eat certain foods for the brain then you will be enhancing your lifespan and your health.

Here are some foods that are good for the brain:

Fish: Fish high in omega3 fatty acids are good for the brain, skin and overall health. Fish oils are known from the dawn of the century to be healthy and good for the heart. If you do not like eating fish then taking a pure fish oil supplement will help to provide you with all the nutrients your brain and body needs. However look for those fish oil supplements that are high in DHA and EPA.

Fruits: Just about every type of fruits are good for you as they provide you with well-needed antioxidants. Fruits are easy to eat as they are mostly sweet and can be found just about anywhere you shop for food. There is a wide variety to choose from. It is recommended to eat at least 3-5 servings of fruits daily.

Eat fruits such as berries, strawberry, raspberry blueberry, oranges, avocados, oranges, grapes and kiwis.

Vegetables: Vegetables are packed with antioxidants just like fruits. If you eat a combination of them each day you will be prolonging you health and will pay less visits to your doctor. All types of vegetables are good for you especially spinach, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

Vegetables are also great for reducing your risk of acquiring cognitive diseases because they can lower the amount of stress in the body which is caused by oxidation.

It is important to take care of your brain just like you do the rest of your body. Remember your brain is what keeps everything together. If you allow your brain cells to die, then this will affect the way you function negatively leading to other health issues such as Alzheimer’s which I am sure you would rather avoid.

Taking pure fish oil supplement and eating foods for the brain will ensure you brain will keep ticking well into your senior years.


Source by Ingrid Palmer

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