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Given the radical changes that have plunged our world into a technology driven society, it is often difficult at times to distinguish between true friendship and an acquaintance. However building trust and true friendship is not impossible and serves us well during times of need and jubilation. Having friends because they are wealthy or have the potential of being wealthy is not true friendship. Having friends for the sole purpose of them being a means to an end is not friendship. Even for the purpose of business it is essential to have certain factors bred in our relationships to ensure that we keep true friends that we can support and receive support from in return.

1. Patience

Patience is the basis of any relationship. It is the de facto attribute for earning trust and understanding. Without patience no true friendship can last. Patience in friendship means tolerance, means forgiveness, means being able to overlook certain shortfalls whilst waiting on our friends. Patience is a form of giving without passing on a physical gift. Patience is an investment for a long term reward. The fruits of patience in any relationship are rarely noticeable until after an extended period of time.

2. Honesty

No true friendship could survive without both people being honest to one another. As difficult as it might be under certain circumstances the truth is always the best way forward. It may hurt but this is what is desired in friendship. Without this then eventually this friendship is bound to end up in disaster. Honesty builds trust and loyalty.

3. Humility

Friendship without humility is a waste of time. Humility means both parties would be willing to admit if they are wrong in a time of conflict. Humility also means both parties can listen and accept advice from each other.

4. Giving

In all friendship there must be some form of giving whether it is physical or spiritual or otherwise. It is the nature of this partnership. Even tolerating another person’s shortfalls is a form of giving. This also means being happy for a friend’s success and not just ours’. Giving also demonstrates loyalty. Loyalty means standing by each other through good and bad. However it must be done in honesty. If this is done correctly then it is giving.

5. Balance

All friendship must have balance for it to survive. One person cannot give all the time while another receives. This type of friendship never last. There are always complaints be it verbally expressed or mentally noted. Balance sets a basis for judging the friendship impartially. It eradicates envy and jealousy.

If these five factors are adhered to in any friendship then it is bound to grow and be long lasting.


Source by Leslie Musoko

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