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Fried foods, especially the ones you love, are delicious to taste. However, many people have a fear of frying food in hot oil. Whether you’re looking for deep frying or sauteing, choosing the right oil and having the right utensils are essential to get the perfect dish on the table.

Equipment You Need

Let us now look at some of the basic equipment you should always have when frying your favorite food:

1. Pots and Pans

A heavy duty pan with a heavy, solid bottom like the cast iron or stainless steel pots are ideal for frying purposes.

2. Utensils

Although the utensils you need will depend on what you’re wanting to fry, it is always better to have a few basic ones around.

• Tongs

• Spatula

• Slotted spoon

• Metal rack

Oil for Frying

The oil you choose when frying your favorite food plays a major role in providing you a delightful experience without compromising on your health. Some of the key criteria include:

1. Smoke Point

Smoke point is the point where the fat begins to break down and smoke. The higher the smoke point, the better is the oil for frying purposes. A plant-based oil such as Canola oil is a popular option as it is not only ideal for frying, but is also regarded as one of the heart healthy oils.

2. Flavor

Choosing the right oil imparts the perfect flavor to your favorite dishes. Going for a light, non-greasy oil having a neutral taste will provide you the perfect frying experience, even when deep frying, without coating your food with a heavy layer of grease. Also, it is important that the oil doesn’t soak into the food you’re cooking.

Considering the above criteria, you can try the Hudson Canola Oil which not only has a high smoke point, but also serves as an ideal diabetes care oil.

Kids love fried food and mothers are always worried about their health. In such a scenario, an omega-3 oil can be the perfect cooking oil for kids.

Additional Tips to Stay Safe While Frying

Your safety is of utmost importance. Frying your favorite foods in hot oil requires keeping a few practical tips in mind:

• Use utensils that have long handles

• Keep water away from the hot oil

• Be confident and work quickly

While fried food is meant to be a treat for the taste buds, choosing the right oil can ensure the food is healthy as well. So get rid of your fears and enjoy a delicious experience.

Eat well, stay healthy.


Source by Danish Malik

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