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Innocent and free in spirit is the nature of childhood. Sweet dreams, starry ideas, rippled laughter are some of the privileges in being a child. With it are many relations that are often lost or parted as the child grows towards adulthood. As all of us regale our old days, there are so many incidents we remember and other snippets in life which we are unable to connect. Friendships are very important during childhood.

A child looks forward to play with her friends in the play park or play school. A crying child is full of joy on seeing his friend bring him a ball. Little chiding, grouping with common friends and having a special best friend are also a part of childhood. Parents too feel great on seeing their children bond well with their friends. A snack party or a birthday celebration is incomplete without the close circle of friends.

A friend brings you the special snack in his lunch box and also challenges you to finish the homework fast. A friendship grows well when nourished with innocence. The competitive spirit stays alive and yet the smile of the same friend is very important. Many friendships from the residential area or alma mater blooms into life long friendships. These are our real friends whom we can rely on and the loyalty is a gift for life.

The need to growth takes us to relocate and also there is a distance in maintaining friendships. But with the wealth of technology and the spirit to rekindle the friendship, any long lost friend can be traced back. As we retrace the old lanes where we once lived with mirthful laughter and silly jokes, we realize that we have moved so much from innocence. A friend from your childhood days knows you well and accepts your friendship with so much intensity.

Celebrate the Friendship day or call a friend during Valentine’s to make them feel special about life. Love grows by making that special effort to reach out to the friend who is the world to you. Reminisce on the times, when your friend beat you in a board game and also regarded your failure as his. Value the friendship of a child hood friend who made a scrap craft toy for your birthday you did not celebrate.

Life is about small things and Small things make life. Celebrate life, celebrate friendship.


Source by Jennie Amit Gandhi

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