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Most people seem to have NO IDEA that they literally make themselves sick everyday. In America, we are literally eating foods that create disease and hasten illness, both minor and major. Disease and illness START in the colon. This is where our foods are stored, distributed throughout the body, and are also eliminated when we go to the bathroom, especially #2. Foods that cause constipation, like cheese, potatoes, bread, heavy meat intake, milk, high fructose corn syrup (which is basically triple sugar, and tons of sugar products, and pasta, to name a few, wreck HAVOC on our unsuspecting bodies.

I know, I know. These are ALL the foods we find hard to resist. It seems like the ‘evil witch’ made a BUNCH of foods that taste like we’re in heaven, when we’re actually leading ourselves down hell’s pathway. If you suffer headaches beyond belief, 9 times out of 10, it’s your diet. If you’ve ever spent the night with your head in the toilet, throwing up, and you haven’t been on a drinking binge, 9 times out of 10, it’s your diet. If your skin is full of pimples, eczema, blackheads and/or whiteheads, 9 times out of 10, it’s your diet.

When people experience these kinds of small or large challenges with their health, many times they run to get some pills from the doctor, or they run to buy some over-the-counter drugs at the DRUG store. Stop that! This only creates even MORE havoc on our bodies than they need to endure. Your body literally starts crying and shaking, every time it just hears you talk about getting some ‘chemical drug’ from the DRUG store, and over-the-counter medicine isn’t much better. (If you’re already taking pharmaceuticals, don’t just stop taking them, that’s dangerous. Get educated. Talk to holistic doctors, to holistic health care professionals. Take natural healing classes from reputable schools.)

We’re talking about doing what people need to do, BEFORE they get sick. So, the key here is to find out ‘what to do’ to get away from all kinds of issues that affect the way we feel. You can decrease or eliminate: HEADACHES, STOMACH ACHES, DIGESTION PROBLEMS, SKIN PROBLEMS, STRESS RELATED PROBLEMS, NERVOUSNESS, CIRCULATION PROBLEMS, SOME ACTUAL PAIN RELATED ISSUES, and much, much more when you BECOME MORE AWARE OF WHAT YOU EAT & TAKE ACTION TO CLEANSE your colon a couple of times a year.

Due to the fact that our mainstream information hasn’t given us much to go on when it comes to CLEANSING, we’re usually surprised when someone says you need to cleanse your colon every season, or AT LEAST, twice a year. Then, we sit there with a chicken bone hanging out of our mouths, with an expression that says ‘what the heck are you talkin’ about?’ Well, kids, here goes. Do you take better care of your car than you do yourself? You don’t have to tell me, but you have to tell YOU the answer to that question. If you’re reading this article, more than likely, that would be a YES. Here’s the deal. All cars need annual tune-ups and spot checks or whatever mechanics do to keep your car running efficiently and to maintain the life of the car. Believe it or not, our bodies need that too, even more so. Now, it shouldn’t be hard to realize, that if you TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, it will take care of you. Right?

The reasons that we cleanse the colon is to get rid of weeks, months and years of garbage that has accumulated in the colon. What would happen if you left 3, 5 or 10 years of garbage sitting in your garbage can at home, (food included) and you never took it out? As you already know, it would smell to high heaven and you’d have practically every creature on the planet, inside your home, having a freakin’ holiday party! In fact, you wouldn’t even be surprised if the neighbors turned you in to the Health Police. The EXACT same thing happens INSIDE your precious colon, when you don’t cleanse it. You have tons of garbage growing seeds of Cancer, Diabetes, Ulcers, and anything else you can think of. You have internal garbage affecting your bloodstream (which is now filthy) and affecting your heart (because it has to work harder than usual) you have no nutrients to support the rest of your complex miracle system of life that we call our bodies, and that’s just the start of it.

There are many great colon cleansing products on the market today. You can go to high-end health food stores or health food stores that have been around for a long time and they can tell you the BEST colon cleanses they recommend. You can find some Herbalife distributors, as they have a quality colon cleanser, you can try. There are also people who do ‘colonics’, if you are willing to go that route, right in YOUR city or YOUR state, that can ‘hook you up’ every now and then. So, get busy and clean that colon for your body’s sake, and it will thank you a thousand times over. In terms of diet, you don’t have to give up everything, you just have to be more aware of what you put in your mouth. If you like cheese or potatoes, or sweets, for example, just eat them a little less often. Add more fresh fruits to your diet (great for cleansing the bowels). Only eat fruits alone, though, not with other foods. Then, give yourself a couple of hours to digest them.

You can also add fresh vegetables to your diet. Both fresh fruits and fresh vegetables give you a LOT of nutrition, which is what your body craves. Your body is made up of vitamins and minerals and it desperately needs you to put these in through your foods and other supplements, as a lot of our foods have been depleted of their vitamins and minerals. When you look for supplements, get WHOLE FOOD vitamins from a health food store, not that artificial stuff in the regular store. Vitamins in the regular store is like throwing your money out the window. Your vitamins need to be digestible, absorbed into your bloodstream, and have WHOLE FOOD parts.

Juicing is a fabulous way of getting a HOST of vitamins and minerals. Get a FABULOUS juicer and make your own fresh juices. This helps you eliminate faster and better, goes in the bloodstream quicker than pills, and supports the vitamins and minerals the body thrives on. And ONE last thought about drinks and water. WATER is totally essential to your well-being and helps (to a large degree) keep the system cleaner. So, drink at least the minimum of 8 large glasses of water a day. Nothing else replaces water, and it will keep your kidneys strong. And for all you people drinking tons of soda (diet or otherwise), this is DETRIMENTAL to your health and well-being. Soda has NO nutritional value whatsoever, and it destroys the kidneys. In fact, most of the sugary drinks on the market, are decreasing the value of your health minute by minute, even when advertising says they’re good for you. Watch out for that one!

So, if you’re addicted to soda, just cut them in half, and if you can eventually cut them out to a treat every now and then (one or two a month), please do so. These are some of the worst things you can do to your body. Certain waters they promote on the market today are also NO GOOD FOR YOU. Be sure to read the labels. The drinks that are full of sugar, aspartame or high fructose corn syrup, by all means, don’t drink those! Never stop learning or finding out what makes you better. Self-improvement is part of our life’s mission “If you don’t have your precious body, where will you live?” Now, that’s something you can think about. (Copyright © June 8, 2011, Janeska Smith Asante)


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