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Friendship is the most fabulous relationship of this world. It remains fresh like the cool morning breeze and clear like the flowing water of a stream. It has the power of protecting you against the harsh and rough gusts of the miseries and pains of life. A friend consoles when you are broken and shattered. He/she pulls you up when you need a push. A friend means a companion, a well wisher, a consoler, a guide, and helper.

The main components of friendship are love, care and trust, which determines all the assumed roles of a friend. It is basically a unique combination of all these three elements. They weave friendship into a single string of pure and glittering beads. Without them friendship is like an empty vessel. A friend is the one, who loves you, takes care of you and gives you confidence and trust.

Everyone longs for love. It is a feeling that even melts the most rigid hearts. We can persuade people better through love. It works as a soothing balm for the dejected souls.The love of friends is selfless. It doesn’t demand anything rather it gives a lot. It is this love that keeps friends bound. This love flourishes the bond of friendship. It gains everlasting strength and power.

Care is another component of friendship that further strengthens its edifice. It is the basic requirement of all human beings. Everyone needs to be looked after and pampered. Friends always care about you. They share your joys and sorrows. They provide you comfort with their presence and make you feel elevated and exalted. They are a constant source of delight for you. You share the same interests and hobbies. They illuminate your life with their witty remarks, naughty pranks and humorous stories. Friendship demands great care. You must care about the trivial needs of your friends and must make sure they are appropriately catered for. Good friends always sacrifice their interests for the interests of their friends. They are ready even to lose in order to make their friends win. They celebrate the most important occasions of your life like birthdays, New Year, cultural and religious festivals, valentines etc. all your celebrations are incomplete without them.

The most significant component of friendship is trust. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that it forms the base for good and everlasting friendship. Trust is faith. It determines the trustworthiness of someone you consider to be your friend. When you believe your friend, you trust him and it is this trust that encourages you to reveal and disclose even your top secrets to him. You prefer sharing your ideas, opinions and plans with your friends. You turn to them in times of trouble and turmoil. Lucky are those, who have trustworthy friends, who stand by them through thick and thin. Trust in friendship brings you closer to your friends and you never feel lonely when encountered by the tests and trials of life. Your heart remains contented that your friend would provide you comfort under the dense shady tree of his friendship. This trust makes your life easy.

Thus it can be concluded that friendship incorporates love, care and trust that make the most essential components of friendship.


Source by Naheed Haq

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