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Would you want to be in a hospital, sick and dying with cancer?

If you’re anything like me, your answer would be no.

But the question is, why would you want to be called “Cancer?” based on your time of birth.

Yes, I’m talking about zodiac signs!

People become immersed in zodiac signs, astrology, and other types of spiritual practices, including Christians.

People believe that their lives will become better or that they can get some guidance from knowing about their horoscopes. I can’t understand why.

God is not into astrology. He doesn’t use the stars, astrology, and horoscopes to give guidance. He uses His word to direct them.

Psalm 119:115 says that His word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

While astrology seems to be a quick fix, God wants to use more than a daily horoscope to predict your future. In fact, God is against astrology and zodiac signs, (Isaiah 47:13-15)

He wants a relationship with you.

With that being said, God, not the stars, your horoscope, or astrology created your personality, based on His purpose for your life.

And since you have a personality independent of your birth month or what some stranger in a newspaper says about you on a daily basis, there are some tools that can help you to better understand your personality.

God gave you your personality to help you to fulfill your purpose.

There are various tools that will show you your strengths, weaknesses, and how you can adjust in your relationships with others, including finding the right person.


Source by Tiffany Godfrey

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