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For times immemorial, the concept of planetary friendship has been used in Vedic Astrology for making prediction for a person’s life based upon his birth chart. What makes the concept unique is that it has no parallel in western astrology, but can be applied to the same with a great deal of efficacy.

It’s the placement of a planet in a particular house, sign and nakshatra that defines its degree of impact on a person’s life. When a particular planet is placed in a favorable sign and a friendly nakshatra, it is sure to yield extraordinary outcomes. However when placed in a sign or a nakshatra which is unfavorable, the results, at best would be commonplace.

In the same way, favorable outcomes obtained from a planet can be significantly subsided when it is placed with or expected by an enemy planet. On the contrary, when a particular planet is placed with a benefice planet, the benefits derived are furthermore desirable.

There is an example that nicely illustrates the concept of friendship and animosity between planets. The ruling planet of a house may be seen as the landlord of the house and the planet that resides there may be seen as the guest, who is a temporary occupant. If the relationship between the landlord (ruling planet) and the tenant, which is the planet that is temporarily placed there is congenial, all affairs of the house would be carried on in a smooth way. In this case, when the house is friendly, the planet which resides there is empowered and brings success in all matters of the house during its planetary phase.

If there is neutrality between the ruler and the guest, it nevertheless brings a certain level of harmony. Problems would appear, but there would be a resolution to the same. However if the house ruler is an enemy of the tenant, it affects the affairs of the house in a negative way.

It may be seen as a matter of someone getting along well with other people. Each planet has a distinct personality. Some personalities get along with other personalities, and sometimes they don’t. Let’s consider an example which illustrates this concept. The planet Mercury is oriented towards creating a higher degree of refined mental discrimination in an individual. But contrary to the same, the planet Jupiter is conceptually opposed to discrimination in all forms. Jupiter teaches us Dharma in its highest and absolute form, and when one attains this perception, there is no place for discrimination. This is because at the highest level, Dharma understands all and embraces all. So even though Mercury, just like any other planet does not see Jupiter as an enemy, Jupiter sees Mercury as an enemy.

An able astrologer is invariably in a position to guide one through difficult times by finding requisite resolutions for any problems that a person may be facing in his life. One can find a host of astrology services over the internet, or one may take the aid of newspapers or even yellow pages for finding avenues that offer astrology services. Astrology, if used in the right way can act as a boon, and enable one to take life forward in the right direction.


Source by Naveen Udoshi

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