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What happens when you don’t have a balanced fluid pH? When you feel sluggish and sick, you look for medical advices. Until finally, you will realize that the best solution to your problem is alkaline pH food.

Do you know what an alkaline pH food is? What an alkaline diet is? I am pretty sure that you have heard about the advantages of being a vegetarian before. You might have also heard some things about an alkaline diet.

Alkaline diet is the best thing to follow because it is safe, natural and effective. It is called alkaline diet because the basis of this diet is the pH of our blood. In order for our body to have an optimal performance, we should have an alkaline pH.

The ideal blood pH range is 7.3-7.4. With this pH range, the organs are able to function well. If our organs function well, we are pretty sure that our tissues and cells also do well.

Cells are the smallest units in our body. They make up our tissues and tissues make up our organs.

We should select foods that are highly alkaline. Being vegetarian is somewhat the same when you follow an alkaline diet. Alkaline foods are mostly vegetables and fruits. Although, there are some fruits and vegetables that are acidic, they are only minimal.

Lemons, avocados, papayas, bananas, watermelons, grapefruits and raisins are good examples of alkaline fruits. Lentils, legumes and sprouted seeds are alkaline foods too. Broccoli, squash, mushroom and apricots are good examples of alkaline vegetables.

We should choose 100% maple syrup, molasses or raw and unpasteurized honey as sweeteners and not the artificial sweeteners that are very common today.

Acid foods are the contrary of alkaline foods. Acid foods are harmful for our body. When these are taken in excess amount, they will cause our pH to drop. Hence, the pH balance is altered.

Foods that belong to this category are fast foods, processed foods, meats, sweets, soda pop, refined salt and pasta.

We should know for the fact that acid foods neutralize alkaline foods in the body. And too much acid foods will result in extracting nutrients such as calcium, potassium and magnesium from our bones and muscles.

This results to aches and pains that we feel when there is no balanced pH. It also signifies premature aging and leads to weakness, tiredness and lack of energy. Weight gain is also an evidence of high acid content in the body.


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