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The virtues of having friends have been well extolled. However, how would one know if having more friends or having less but quality friends is better for them? This can be easily read off the Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS) chart, which can be determined by the date and time of birth of the person in question. As such, I have listed down a few major categories of stars combination in each ZWDS chart Friends’ Palace for easy assessment by people who are not well skilled in ZWDS reading.

Star combinations of WuQu & QiSha or LianZhen in the incumbent’s ZWDS Friends’ Palace will usually see him having friends that plunder their wealth. A person whose ZWDS Friends’ Palace houses WuQu, QiSha or LianZhen must certainly choose friends carefully as his friends will typically be unorthodox, including someone indulging in gangsterism. He must remember not to be involved in any monetary transactions with his friends. This includes business partnership, lending money, acting as guarantor or tontine arrangements. This will lead to souring of feelings with his friends and even lead to monetary losses.

Star combinations of ZiWei & PoJun or LianZhen & Tan Lang in the incumbent’s ZWDS Friends’ Palace will usually make him befriend with people who like to drink & make merry. Person whose Friends’ Palace houses ZiWei & PoJun or LianZhen & TanLang have a tendency to associate with people who enjoys drinking and making merry but are really useless bums who may also be a wastrel. Due to these reasons, it means such a person will have more disputes and troubles with his friends.

Star combinations of JuMen individually or LianZhen with PoJun in the incumbent’s ZWDS Friends’ Palace will more likely make him befriend someone that backstabs him. A person whose Friends’ Palace houses JuMen or LianZhen with PoJun are more likely to get into trouble or conflicts with his friends and has a lower probability of befriending someone trustworthy. He may also not be able to maintain a long-term friendship and in fact have friends that appear helpful on the surface but is really sabotaging him behind the scenes. Such person may always make error of entrusting his villainous friends. As such, a person with such a chart should always focus more on quality of friendship than quantity of friends.

Virtuous star combinations of The Sun & TianLiang or TianJi & TianLiang in the incumbent’s ZWDS Friends’ Palace indicate likelihood of him befriending someone trustworthy. A person whose Friends’ Palace houses The Sun & TianLiang or TianJi & TianLiang, is likely to befriend people who are virtuous and of great help or bosom buddies. Their friends may not be the wealthy and affluent but their wisdom and experiences will help this person select the right paths in life.

Wealthy star combinations of ZiWei & TianFu or The Sun in incumbent’s ZWDS Friends’ Palace will usually see to affluent friends for him. A person whose Friends’ Palace houses ZiWei & TianFu or The Bright Sun, usually befriends people who are rich and affluent. Such combinations are the crème de la crème of affluence because ZiWei and Tian Fu are the most affluent stars in ZWDS. If these 2 stars reside in Friends’ Palace it usually means that his friends are more affluent that him and they would only be able to help him fulfill his materialistic desires. This person may still feel a sense of emptiness in other aspects.

Star combinations of TianTong or TianXiang or The Moon Friends in incumbent’s ZWDS Friends’ Palace depcit likelihood of him leveraging upon or exploit his friends. A person whose Friends’ Palace houses Tian Tong or TianXiang or The Dim Moon will usually be the leader among his friends. Such a person may be idolized and hence fritters away his friends’ monies but yet do not to pick up the tabs when he is with his friends.However, this person should improve on managing his relationships because he may relegate to being labeled as a parasite for sponging on his friends.


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