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Snoring, alongside many other conditions can be remedied naturally without having to use over the counter products or even prescription products. This can prove to be extremely beneficial to those who have tight pockets or even are looking for a more natural way to overcome snoring and its tendency to annoy those who sleep with them. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to eliminate snoring and allow you and your partner to have an amazing night’s rest.

Change the Sleeping Position

It is said that sleeping on your back increases your chances of snoring during the night because the back of your tongue and your soft palate both collapse into the back of your throat which increases the chance of the vibration that produces snoring. One way that you can conquer sleeping on your back is to use the assistance of a body pillow. Using a body pillow allows you to arrange yourself into a position where you can support your jaw and align your body with the pillow which encourages sleeping on your side.

Lose Weight

With this tip there is always an important thing to remember: thin people do snore as well. If you have noticed that you have gained an excess amount of weight recently and the snoring has just begun, you may be able to stop the condition right in its tracks. The added weight (especially to the neck area) allows our tongue and soft palate to collapse easier into the back of our throat and eliminating that weight will allow your throat to regain its proper structure and will prevent snoring from occurring.

Avoid Depressants

Another factor of snoring is the use of depressants which are commonly known as alcohol or sedatives. When you ingest products that encourage the slow down of your bodily functions (especially your breathing) you make it significantly harder for your throat to maintain its proper strength. The use of depressants increases the chance of your neck and the back of your throat relaxing which also increases the risk factor of snoring.

Stop Smoking

Though there is a significant amount of physical strength involved in maintaining a “snore-free” environment, there are other outside factors that can increase your chances of snoring. Smoking increases the amount of phlegm produced in your lungs and can result in a cough, commonly known as a “smoker’s cough.” The phlegm produced by this activity can be a large factor in whether you snore or not because it produces that raspy rumble that you can hear within a persons snore. That is why it is advised that you either quit smoking or refrain from smoking before bed time.

As you can see there are an abundance of natural remedies used to conquer snoring and its common annoyances. The need to maintain the strength in your neck is extremely important due to the fact that it is one of the most stressing parts of determining whether you will snore at night or not. The second largest factor is whether there is an increased amount of phlegm in your chest because it encourages a raspy rattle when your body slows down at night. It is imperative that you try these solutions at home and determine whether they work for you or not.


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